Welcome to our garage!

The Fuhrer & Nemeth garage provides a versatile car and chassis repair service in the 10th district of Budapest.

Please take a look at our services and offers. Should you have any questions or should you require more information about our services please don't hesitate to contact us at autojavito@autojavito.com or the following phone numbers: mobile 06 20 345 0134, landline 264 2581

Example prices for private car

Undercarriage inspection: 10 000 Huf
Full front brake inspection: 5 000 Huf
Front brake repair: 10 000 Huf
Full rear brake inspection: 5 000 Huf
Rear brake and hand brake repair: 10 000 Huf
MOT inspection: 31 000 Huf
Time belt exchange: 30 000 Huf
Computerized error message reading: 7 000 Huf
Exhaust system inspection or replacement: from 5 000 Huf / piece
Clutch replacement: 30 000 Huf
Engine inspection: 10 000 Huf
Oil change: 3 000 Huf
Chassis and cavity protection price: 30000 Huf (plus underbody wax, about 10000Ft)
Gearbox oil change: 3 000 Huf
Service charge: after each 15 000 km (includes oil change, car inspection, engine inspection and filter replacement, break checking, front suspension checking): 10 000 Huf
Checking before winter with tyres changes

12000 HUF

These prices do not include the price of the parts because they vary depending on the manufacturer of the car!

These prices apply to installation of parts that we provide. Regarding the installation of parts supplied by the customer, we charge double the installation price and cannot guarantee those parts !

Please ask for a quote regarding van servicing and repair !

Check your car before your travel:

Undercarriage inspection: 6 000 Huf
Brake inspection: 6 000 Huf
Headlight, and other lamps checking, bulb change (including bulbs): 2 000 Huf
Checking and upload all liquid: 1 000 Huf
Tyres checking, pressure checking: 1 000 Huf
Wiper blade checking, change: 1 000 Huf
Total sum: 17  000 Huf

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A szükséges alkatrészeket 3 órán belül beszerezzük, Magyarország 12 legnagyobb autóalkatrész beszállítójával vagyunk kapcsolatban. Próbálja ki árainkat, kérjen ajánlatot tőlünk: Ajánlatkérés


Garancia vállalás

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Minden elvégzett munkánkra 1 év garanciát adunk. (a magyar törvények fél évet biztosítanak).


Door-to-door service

Your comfort is important for us. Your vehicle requiring a correction we take the burdens of traveling into the service off his shoulder with free delivering, and we time saving for you.
We will pick up your car in the morning on the agreed day, drive it to our garage and deliver it back to you after all repairs are completed at an agreed time and date.

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Car rescue

We have an excellent relationship with Mr. Robert Nagy who has got a vehicle transporters. He transports vehicles from all over the country to our garage in Budapest.

You do not need to be present at the actual transport, you only need to leave the car keys, documents and the payment. Your car will then be transported to our garage and after a brief inspection we will contact you with our quote.

Should you accept our quote we will start the repairs. When the work is completed we will deliver your car, as long as it is in Budapest. We will invoice you and you are requested to settle the bill on delivery. This way saves you time and energy.


  • Inside Budapest 10 000 Ft + Tax
  • Outside Budapest according to agreement.


Mr. Robert Nagy: +36 70 5032523

Web: www.auto-szallitas.hu

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Our firm offers the undermentioned services for his clients:
Full car repair service.
Car electricity works (alarm, anti-theft installing).
Full bodywork correction.
Chassis, concerned cavity protection.
Body paint administration.
Insurance administration.

Car part purchase even inside 3 hours.

Tyres purchase

Constant contact and negotiation with the clients, free counsel.
A lump sum prize correction contract is individual based on an agreement.
... and on all of them, which are connected to the car,.
In as much our services aroused his interest, let him look for us the +36 1 2642581 landline, or +36 20 345 0134 cellphone numbers.

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Örzött telephely

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Telephelyünk zárt, éjjel-nappali portaszolgálat működik, így gépkocsiját biztonságban tudhatja a javítás ideje alatt is.



In our garage there is free wireless internet.